What is your staff retention?

IHS retention rate exceeds the average of agencies in our field. We believe this in part due to the fact that IHS strives to create as many full-time positions as possible. Staff working part time are usually doing so by their own preference. The majority of staff work full time. We feel this enhances our ability to provide continuity of support. Our staff retention rate is far below the nation wide industry standard of over 55%. In 2008 our retention rate was 84%. In 2006 and again in 2007, our staff retention rate was 85%. Only 25% of the staff have been with IHS 1 year or less, 19% of the staff have 2-6 years of service, and 56% of the staff have provided 7-15 years of service with IHS. IHS Services, Inc. has been providing support services since February of 1993. Our management team has the following experience with IHS: our State Director, 15 years; our District Managers average 10.6 years; our site coordinators called Support Services Coordinators average 8.4 years; our Payee Specialist has 12 years; our Office Managers average 13 years. Our Program Specialist has been with IHS for 5 years in various capacities. A couple of years ago we restructured the company and asked a longtime employee to accept the position of Consumer Support Specialist who has 14 years.