What provisions do you make for continuity when a substitute is required?

You will have regular staff who routinely provide your support services. However, we will also introduce you to other staff who have also been trained. They will only be asked to provide services when your regular staff are unavailable. This cross training enable us to always have trained staff available to provide your services.

  • Are records kept so that the substitute know the requirements of the household?
    • Yes, a notebook is kept for each consumer. This notebook has all pertinent information a substitute as well as regular staff need to provide support services to you. Information such as emergency contact phone numbers, your ISP, medical information, special instructions, weekly documentation.
  • How often can I expect a substitute staff member?
    • This varies depending on number of factors such as: how many hours you receive, staff’s vacation schedule, and other unforseen emergencies.
  • Do you try to use the same substitute? Are they trained from my ISP?
    • Substitute staff will always be someone you have met, who has job shadowed with experience staff to provide your services based on your ISP