How are they investigated?

In most counties, the county has a MUI investigator either on staff or this function is contracted by the county to their Counsel of Governments (COG). Our primary concern is maintaining your health and safety. If a MUI occurs, the District Manager in addition to cooperating with the MUI investigator will also conduct an internal investigation by reviewing the Incident Report, talking to staff and others who have relevant information, and reviewing documentation to determine if the MUI could have been avoided and to develop a plan of prevention to prevent a reoccurrence, if possible.

How are your services monitored?

All routine documentation is reviewed weekly by your Support Services Coordinator and/or District Manager. Your SSA may also review documentation. Depending on the county, monthly and/or quarterly documentation reviews are often conducted. Quality Assurance Survey are conducted by your county board. Every 5 years, the State conducts a Provider Compliance Review of a sample of people we serve in each county. From time to time, a Quality Assurance review by the nurse from your County Board may be conducted on the medical services you receive.

All unusual occurrences are documented and reports turned in to your SSA. Your District Manager, the Consumer Specialist, and the State Director all review these reports. These reports are monitored and reviewed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually to determine if there are any trends or patterns that would indicate a need for your support services to be adjusted or changed.

How would you make sure that staff is trained to care for me? Staff substitutes?

All staff have current CPR and First Aid training. Many staff have been certified to assist with Medication Administration. No staff is assigned to provide support with any consumer where they have not completed job shadowing. We do a lot of cross-training of staff who may not work with you consistently to ensure staff who are substituting in an emergency have been properly trained and are aware of your needs.

Who will assure that prescriptions are filled/refilled as needed?

This issue is usually addressed in your ISP. If so designated, staff can assure that prescriptions are filled/refilled as needed. In most places we use a pharmacy that will package medications in dosages. This makes medication administration easier and facilitates monitoring that medication is being taken correctly consistently.

Will staff inform parents/guardians of unusual concerns, and on what frequency?

If you are not 18 or have a court appointed guardian, your District Manager or a staff person identified will provide this information to your guardian usually within 24-hours of becoming aware of unusual concerns. Staff are required to report any unusual incidents within 24-hours to the county board and their supervisor. District Managers review documentation on a weekly basis and may discover something significant, At that point in time, they will notify your parents/guardians as soon as possible of unusual concerns.