About Us

What We Do

IHS Services, Inc. is an Ohio-based company that provides support services to people of all ages in our community. We provide: I/O Waiver Services, Level 1 Waiver Services, Supported Living Services, Passport Services, and Private Pay Services.

Our Mission Statement

IHS Services, Inc. is dedicated to facilitating a high quality of support services to enable individuals to make life choices through living, working, and community options.


The philosophy of IHS Services, Inc. holds to the basic tenet that every human being has the right and freedom to live as independently as their capabilities allow. With this thought in mind, individuals require many kinds of assistance in their homes. IHS is committed to serving the individual in the least intrusive manner as possible. All training, policies, procedures, and interventions will reflect this dedication to the individual’s dignity.

Support services will be consistent and structured to the individual’s plan. Our goal is to give each individual the opportunity to live as independently as possible.

Management Philosophy

IHS Services, Inc. finds that the Chain of Support is the most effective method of management for our agency. This emphasizes the team approach, which is at the heart of everything IHS does. Within this chain of support the IHS team is able to provide the varying expertise that each member of the team has to offer.

In each region we have a District Manager that oversees the overall operation of support services in the county(s) assigned, makes home inspections, and provides resources and support for our direct support staff to assure individuals receive quality support services.

Janet Seward

Janet Seward is our State Director and she provides support to all District Managers in many different forms, and oversees the operation of each district, developing systems and procedures to enhance the quality of services provided. Janet brings years of experience in the Developmental Disabilities field working for both the county board and our agency.

Our District Managers

Each of our district managers has a reputation as a strong advocate for their consumers as well as a trusted ally to guardians and county board personnel. As a district manager, each of them is responsible for assuring staff provides all required support services to each individual consumer in their district. We attribute our company-wide 85% staff retention rate to our district managers. Each of them is a great team player and we at IHS Services consider each of them a great asset to the people we serve.


IHS Services, Inc. was founded by David and Gail Bloom. In 1978, they became licensed as foster parents by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. For three years, they were foster parents to a girl with developmental disabilities. David also was chairman of the county workshop board for the developmentally disabled. In 1993, IHS began providing Supported Living Services. Gail, as a C.P.A. with an MBA in accounting, brings accounting skills as well as fiscal management to the company. David, a United Methodist pastor who took early retirement in 1994, has experience and expertise in the area of interpersonal communications, training, and management of a large corporation.