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Seasons Road

As we move forward, it is useful to have a way to view our progress. One concept I have found useful in periodically looking at my journey through life is the concept of seasons. A season is a period of time, often defined by particular types of weather. We think of seasons as different from the one before and the one after, but that is not always the case. I once heard a tour guide on a Caribbean island talk about their four seasons: this summer, last summer, next summer and the one after that.

Sometimes we talk about seasons as periods in our lives. We might speak about childhood, youth, young adulthood and old age. Let’s look for a few minutes at the possible value of looking at our lives in terms of seasons. What are some of the things we can learn from viewing our passage in life in terms of seasons.

Seasons TreePeople come into our lives in a particular season, and they often move on in another season. In our mobile society, it is rare to have relationships that last all of our lives. Recognizing this, we can learn to value relationships while we have them, Time spent in relationships with people we like, respect and admire always yields rewards that last for many years. It is all too common to hear someone say I wish I had spent more time with…when I had the opportunity. Thinking of life in terms of seasons tends to remind us to take full advantage of those opportunities we have when we have them

One example of this was our decision to travel when our older children were small, Although we did not have a lot of money, I had four weeks vacation a year. We travelled the country, and we camped. For many years we camped in tents. Later we camped in a pop up trailer. It is gratifying to hear our older children speak of all the places we visited and all the things we did in that season of our lives.

There are other ways to look at our lives in terms of seasons. Not all seasons are equally pleasant. Here, too, it is helpful to remember that this is a season, and it will pass. What happens in a season can produce lasting changes in us. We are told that in our society several career changes are the norm for most of us. I am in my second career. Each has lasted more than twenty years. Each of these seasons has produced lasting changes in the course of my life.

Seasons FieldWhat are some of the seasons you are aware of in your life? What can you say about the season you are in right now? Would you change anything about this season if you could? Are there any changes you believe you can make? What would you keep about this season if you could? Do you think you can keep any of these things?

What do you want your next season to look like? Are you doing things to make sure that happens? One thing looking at our lives in terms of seasons can do is help us become aware of the present—the moment we are living in.

As we move forward, it is always good to have a clear picture of where we are right now. I hope you are enjoying your present season and experiencing all it has to offer you.

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