As We Move Forward: What Would You Try If You Knew You Absolutely Could Not Fail?

SkydivingWhat would you try if you knew you absolutely could not fail? That is an important question. Many people never try anything for fear of failure. They convince themselves they could never accomplish a particular thing so they never try. The result can be a life of regret. It doesn’t have to be that way. When your dreaming brings you to the things that seem impossible, or at least out of reach, it is always possible to find a related activity you can do that falls into the “impossible to fail” category.

If your dream is to have a particular career, you can go on the internet and find everything you can related to that career. You can utilize social media in this quest. There are YouTube videos on literally anything and everything. You can find out a lot about what the particular career is through these sources, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Through social media, you can talk with people involved in the career you are interested in and explore options and possibilities you might never have considered.

Whatever the activity represented by your dream, you can explore it thoroughly without risking or investing more than your time. You might decide that the outcome of pursuing and reaching that particular dream would not be enough for you to give up the time, Universityeffort and money to reach the dream. I have used this method several times. At several times in my life, I have thought about law school. I found a program that
would get me the necessary degree. When I thought about what was involved and what I would gain from it, I realized I did not want it enough to go through the process.

I had a similar experience with a dream I had to earn a PhD. I found a program that would earn for me the degree, in a field where I have a great deal of interest. I actually got to the point of applying for the program. The more I weighed what would be involved against what I would gain, I realized I did not want it enough to pursue it.

There are several things in my life I have wanted enough to pursue to the point of completion. The similarity is that all of them started with an initial exploration. I do not plan to ever give up that first step. I do not want my initial response to a new idea or a new opportunity to be,”Oh, I could never do that!” I would much rather say,”I took a look at that, and here is what I decided.” I have learned valuable lessons each time I considered turning an idea into a dream.

So,what is one thing you would do if you absolutely knew you could not fail? Try it, and see where it takes you. You just might discover something–a dream that will change your life.

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