What is Your Calling?

As We Move Forward: What is Your Calling?

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Have you ever written a mission statement? To get ready to write one, you can ask,”What is my calling in life?” “What is the purpose of my life?” Another way to ask that question is, “What inspires me the most?” We all have those moments of clarity and vision when we see vividly what life has in store for us.

Most of us know someone who always wanted to be or to achieve a certain thing in life. Will future generations look back at that moment in your life from which the whole future took off, or will you look at that moment in your past as the time when you saw the possibilities but decided it was simply beyond your reach?

The first can be the moment when history was changed, even if only for you and those around you. The second is simply the dim recollection of what might have been if only….

It is never too late to discover your mission or purpose in life. In the same way, it is never too late to develop your mission statement. A mission statement I have developed is helping people discover and achieve things they want in their lives.

While this may seem very simple, it actually involves several steps that are very complex. First, I have to listen carefully to what people say since at this point, most people don’t yet know what they want. I have a certain ability to hear desires in dreams in what other people are saying. I

Part of the process involves me seeing possibilities that could accomplish what people seem to be saying they want. I see big pictures, not finished details. If an idea I have captures someone’s imagination, I encourage them to develop the idea into what they were wishing for. I work best if I am not involved in all the details of the day to day operation of a particular vision.

My satisfaction comes from presenting the idea. Others get satisfaction from carrying the idea out. I often marvel at how complex some of these ideas have become. Sometimes I ask if the people who make the dream a reality really enjoy what they are doing. I am constantly surprised when they tell me what they get from the thing we have created.

What would a mission statement look like for you? What would represent your calling, your deepest values? What would you like your children and grandchildren to remember you for? Do you have some dream left from an earlier time in your life which you have always wished you had acted on? These could be your calling. This could be the thing the world is waiting for you to do.

As we move forward, let us take some time to consider our calling. What can you add to make the world, at least the world around you a better place? What could you do today to start making that happen? Experience the excitement. Find your calling. Go after your mission.

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