As We Move Forward: What Are Your Dreams?

DreamsEach of us has dreams. Dreams may be thought of as, “a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.” It is entirely up to us whether we experience our dreams only in this way or whether we decide to make our dreams the basis for action. According to one of the best known dreamers of modern times, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

My first trip to Disneyland took place shortly after Walt Disney’s death. As we rode the train, the recorded message encouraged us to look at the engine. The voice told us that sometimes Walt comes down and drives the train. Even knowing he was gone, I looked. Over my adult life, I have enjoyed some of the fruit of Walt Disney’s dreams. They are a testament to what can happen when we find the courage to act on our dreams.

HappinessI have been blessed in my life to see dreams fulfilled–mine and those of others. In fact, one of my dreams is helping people discover their dreams and develop a strategy for realizing them. Helping someone realize a dream is not the same as doing it for them. Sadly, that seldom if ever works. You also cannot compel someone to act on their dreams. You can only encourage them and show them how.

What are your dreams? I sometimes ask a person, “If time and money were not a factor, what would you be doing?” If you can envision your response to that question, you are both dreaming and on the road to seeing your dreams become reality. I believe the best dreams benefit not only you but others. They might benefit the people you love, and they might even be big enough to benefit people beyond your circle of influence.

Dreams require work, sacrifice and sometimes suffering to accomplish. Sometimes we have to wait for our dreams to become reality. Sometimes we have to modify our dreams. I am saddened when I meet someone who has given up on their dreams. What about you?

GreatnessWhat are the secret things you desire to see happen that would make you and others happier? What would you like people to remember you for? What would you like to do that would make the world a better place?

As we move forward, think of ways we can help you turn your dreams into realities. That is what our being in relationship is all about. Have the courage to pursue your dreams.

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