As We Move Forward: Have An Adventure

There are numerous ways to describe our life. One of the most creative is to see it as a ride. At its beginning, we each get our ticket validated from vastly different starting places. It can be mind boggling to consider how many variables could be present in our starting point. There are factors like history, geography and socio-economic differences that can affect where the journey begins.

Roller CoasterAdventure comes naturally and easily to young children. The imagination of a child has few if any limits. Sometimes as we make the transitions in life, the ride can take unexpected twists and turns. One way to look at it is like riding a roller coaster. There can be long, slow trips up a hill. The pace and the anticipation can seem endless. Suddenly, there is a rush as the ride comes over the hill. We either lift our arms up in the air and scream in excitement or hang on in fear. The ride goes on.

The ups and downs can cause us to get caught up in the day to day routine and temporarily lose sight of the adventure and the vision. Patterns, discipline and even routines are important in navigating the journey of life. The danger comes when we get so caught up in our routines we forget the spontaneity and the joy that this ride of life can be.

Do you ever get so caught up in doing what you have to do that you forget that you have the right to do something just because you can? I have travelled in forty-nine of the fifty states. There have been some tremendous adventures in these journeys on the ride of life. I treasure these and countless other adventures I have had in my life, all the fascinating places I have visited and all the interesting people I have met and shared with.

Ride Through The MountainsAs we move forward, I encourage you to look for the chance to have adventures in life. Remember to do the spontaneous, fun things just because you can. Enjoy this ride, your life. You are entitled to the best ride possible.

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